What we do

Product Management

Before anything happens, we work with you to identify or verify the requirements of the project. Then we work with you to map out the basic flow diagrams to understand full scope of the project. With a product framework in place, we define the deliverables and timeline to meet expectations. Depending on the project, we work with you to determine best model.


Pretty. Starting with the whiteboard and pencil/paper exploration and ending with final visual designs, our goal is to make the user only think your product is pretty. In that process, we spend significant time on user experience and user interaction to make sure we have the best flow possible. That means we’ve done our job to make a product that let’s your customers enjoy what they’re doing and not trying to figure out what to do.


Keep it lean. Using a hybrid Kanban model, we break down our sprints based on your requirements for deliverables. This allows us to move efficiently while layering a more traditional project approach to work with you more effectively. We build mobile and web apps with proven open source technologies as much as possible to minimize technology transfer snafus, keep costs down, and limit obsolescence of the infrastructure.

Our Team and Process

We are a bunch of people who enjoy building products and have fun while doing it. Not only do we have a diverse skills in-house, our team is an international team that coalesced in the Silicon Valley giving us a unique perspective and interest to create products that your customers will enjoy. We ensure all functional teams are involved in the design and development process with decisions made by the client and functional team in charge of that point in the process.

Who We Are

Chris Basey

Co-Founder and Director of UX

Chris has been working as a UX/UI Designer for over 10 years. He was also the founder of answerJam, an anonymous social network, and a consultant for clients as diverse as VMware and Justin Timberlake.

Chris has an 800m swimming certificate and is frequently seen at bars in California

Ken Yang

Co-Founder and Director of Product

Ken is a 20 year veteran (the old man of the company) of Silicon Valley. Previously, Ken was a founding team member at more than his fair share of startups, Director of Product at Yousendit (Hightail), and consulted for Microsoft and Meteorcomm (a subsidiary of the four largest US commercial railroads, BNSF, CSX, NS, and UP.)

BA in Material Sciences and Engineering from Northwestern University (US) and JD from Drake University (US). Member of the State Bar of California.

Ben Oertel

Lead Software Engineer

Ben has years of experience working as a developer in France and the Silicon Valley, most recently at PunchTab. He is also known to bake a phenomenal quiche, eat it all, and run a 10k - all uphill… maybe not, but we have no clue where all those calories go.

Master of Engineering in Computer Science, Polytechnic School of Nantes University, France

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