Strategy and Wireframing

ChangeTip needed help refining and simplifying those use cases as the micropayment flow had a lot of options and branching. Although they provided an assist with early wireframe renditions, we still went through the whiteboard to flush out the flow to help us visualize a better way to guide the user through the app.

User Experience and Interaction

With micropayments, we knew that the experience couldn’t have too many steps otherwise the user would abandon the flow.Using a simple card flip metaphor, we focused on keeping those options and branches visually contained although it may have been several steps to complete an action. As a result, the user doesn’t feel overwhelmed and will continue with the ‘tip’.

Branding and Visuals

ChangeTip had an initial brand and muted multiple-color palette that they liked, but wanted to modernize it. As a consumer application, we wanted the product to be fun, so we took the colors and deepened them to give it more of a pop. With each tab having a distinctly different experience, each tab a distinct color, so navigation could be quickly identified with color rather than text, so the user wouldn’t get lost in the app.