Creative Capital

Get the help you need to bring your best ideas to life

A team that delivers.

We know launching a new business is an exciting and overwhelming process. Our nimble, experienced team is ready to work with you from day one. We keep things straightforward, and we’re great at being scrappy to get the job done. We’ll work with your team to build on your concept, find product-market fit, or prepare for your big funding round.

Aligned incentives

We’re on your side. We can help breathe life into your vision, put strong foundations in place, and make sure you’re set up for success.

A partner that’s been through it

We get it. We know the sacrifice, the dedication, the stress of the quest to build a better product. We’ve founded companies, guided startups, celebrated success and learned from failure. CoMedia is a partner that brings experience.

Day one to launch day

With a high-performing product team, a prototyping crew to build test-worthy products, and a research team to learn from real customers. If your team could use some or all of those skill sets, we’re here to help you change the world.

We’re excited to help. Bring a partner and lower cash burn.
70 / 30
cash/equity split
Make your vision a reality

Find the “North Star”. Address short and long term needs. Set you and your team up for success, regardless of complexity.


comedia’s world-class product team gets to work. Starting with your idea, through design, to development, all the way to deployment.


Create space for improvement and iterations. Talk with us about more goals you want to accomplish.

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