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  • Soundable

    Monitor urinary health patterns from your mobile with one tap.

  • TD Ameritrade

    Responsible Pay day loans application. Democratizing lending and lifting everyone.

  • Atlassian

    Designing a better way for everyone to understand and stay informed on projects and progress

  • Ericsson

    5G, IoT and IIoT solutions to help large scale companies meet modern and future challenges with Factory 4.0

  • Cisco CHILL

    Co-creating with Cisco, Ricoh and Woodside Energy

  • Google

    Privacy and compliance application to enable developers to test and deploy with ease and peace of mind

  • Wex

    Routing and real time gas price checking for WEX’s Fleet Solutions

  • VMware

    Prototype, test, and built the initial version od VMware’s flagship product Workspace ONE

  • Microsoft

    Organize, schedule and create Microsoft’s Hackathon in USA and Canada

  • Kodak

    Building a marketplace to create an easy way for photographers to promote and sell their work.

  • Amazon

    Co-creating future ways of harnessing AWS and content creators.

  • Proofpoint

    Building a revolutionary secure and robust email application

  • Vodafone

    One touch communication and video conference mobile and desktop tool

  • GE Aviation

    Transit and track mission critical tools before so that grounded planes can be back in the air.

  • First Republic Bank

    Creating an internal suite of tools to enable rapid and secure deployment of new technologies.