Driving the future with Winnebago’s electric RV.

From zero to app in just 10 weeks.

Visual and UX/UI Design
App Development
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The Challenge
Develop a fully functional automotive app from concept to completion – in just 10 weeks.
The Project
Winnebago EV, people beside using companion app
Winnebago is an iconic American brand–renowned as the symbol of freedom to hit the open road.
Background Image
To add complexity to the mix, we had to learn the particulars of automotive interfaces in order to build end-to-end app functionality.
Screenshots of Winnebago EV app on a phone
Rapid Development
Winnebago EV app demo
Powering next-gen roadtrips with Winnebago
Value Proposition
We brought developers into the conversation from Day 1. By thinking about build realities and constraints alongside design explorations, we were able to deliver a market-ready product with speed.