Code & Creativity

Code & Creativity

One of the ways we work at comedia is as a collaborative, cross-functional team, where our developers work closely with our designers, without anyone stepping on each other’s toes. We work hard to establish an atmosphere of mutual trust between clients and colleagues alike. 

One guiding principle: make the complex simple. We keep our work grounded in reality. Designers and developers are clear on deliverables with both our team and yours from the beginning. While we work fast, we’re not rushed, and we don't try to build too much at once. We know which features are most valuable and need to be built first, and prioritize appropriately. As one of our developers says:

“don’t build a car when the client needs a boat.” 

Another value boosting our team’s creativity: trust in each other and in our ideas. Our designers provide guidance, and devs know there’s common sense changes that can help reduce friction. Developers can add small tweaks like hover buttons, text elements, or quick actions, and designers can decide how best to integrate those into the final look.

In the case of Roev, a designer gave a developer desktop mockups, the developer added some animations and optimized the site for mobile reading and let the designer decide which suggestions to incorporate. Developers do fact-finding for emerging technologies (say, electric vehicles) and find out what’s possible before designers build it out. 

We’re a team with extraordinary abilities. AI tools can reduce busywork and be an effective tool for productivity, but when it comes to building products people love, we believe heart matters most.