the anti-consultancy: build a product, not just a presentation

the anti-consultancy: build a product, not just a presentation

Unlike traditional consultancies that can keep you trapped in the planning phase, comedia's anti-consultancy leads with what's happening now and what's coming next. We’re committed to embracing flexibility, creativity, and efficiency in product development, as we've witnessed how momentum drives innovation time and time again.

It’s time to stop talking and start making.

We embrace a "learn by doing" philosophy, where we’re making and iterating as we build. We believe in prototyping and testing real-world ideas quickly rather than getting bogged down in endless planning. This approach is flexible, providing a path for us to "shorten the distance between thinking and making", to quote Taras Wayner. It's ideal for rapid idea validation and invalidation, while saving time and resources. By resolving challenges quickly, we help your business keep up against competitors without wasting time on unnecessary roadblocks. Embracing this mindset means your project stays on track.

We’ve seen plenty of products capsized by decision fatigue.

Let’s focus on what matters: working with you to build the next great product and bring it to a receptive community. Unlike more conventional consultancies, we prioritize speed-to-market, setting our sights on the present and future. Our streamlined "no-process process" encourages collaboration between internal and external teams, and focuses on getting work done quickly and efficiently while achieving the desired results.  We evaluate ideas as we go, and ask for feedback from teams and testers in real time. We design in code, test as we build, and focus on using only the resources necessary to build a prototype quickly, gather data with genuine feedback, and discover potential for expansion and opportunities for scale.

Tech evolves quickly and we aim to build what your customers want and need, not to waste cycles on presentations or second-guessing decisions already made. Staying on tech’s cutting edge means trimming excess. We work with your team to line up with your vision and execute quickly. We’re not here to waste time and talent on unnecessary busywork, instead, our entire attention is focused on getting real-world results.

As we look to the future, we see the importance of a self-sufficient and adaptable approach to modern business challenges. Embrace the new era with us, and together, we can navigate the complexities of the evolving market.

Let’s build something great together.